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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Mothership - Let Me Ride

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Something kind of wild happened Tuesday. I was driving and listening to an Abraham-Hicks tape. Someone called my phone but I didn't get to my phone in time. I didn't recognize the number but I called it back. The man on the other end said he was looking for some people with the last name of Hicks. But, he said he figured he had the wrong number when he heard my voicemail. We hung up. And then it hit me! Hicks! hahahha
So I called him back. He didn't answer. I left a message saying that I normally don't do this and this may sound kind of weird but I was listening to a lecture by someone with the last name of Hicks when he called. And since it seemed like too much of a coincidence, I wanted to pass on Abraham-Hicks' number to him. So I gave him the number to Abraham-Hicks.
I mean come on. I HAD to!


Black Folk and the New Age Movement like Oil & Water

I just did a show on this on July 18th. I had so much fun doing it. I was thrilled with the participation in the show and happy to say that I'll be doing another installment of this subject next Wednesday, the 25th. There is so much to say about this and so many avenues that can be taken! I personally would love to explore the dynamic of exclusively African-American groups that are considered to be part of the "so called" New Age Movement. Many of you have emailed me personally about your appreciation of the show and I thank you for listening! I would love it if you would leave your comments on my blog ya'll! hahaha It is what it is. I'm grateful that I have an outlet to write and speak and share with you.

Speaking of sharing, I received an email from a sister today who so eloquently wrote:
"Sharing is not gossip - it's growth by acquiring and learning from instrumental information."

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