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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Working from Joy, Fulfillment and Pleasure... instead of Fear and Stress

I realized that for almost all of my career I have been inspired to work from a point of fear, which led to stress. No wonder I have been so resentful of my jobs, bosses, coworkers and work itself! I would go hard with work because of a fear of survival. But it stressed me out because fear is unsubstantial. Working a job based on fear is building a career on a house of sand. Eventually, I burned out, got way too stressed out, hit rock bottom and had to start all over again. I have set a powerful intention be paid for work I love, that is fueled by positive inspiration, happiness, peace and feeling good! As a result, I've been shown how I've been working from fear and stress thus far. Fear and stress has been my inspirational fuel. But the fuel is of less quality than regular gas. I'm being shown that I can no longer allow myself to be inspired by stress and fear in my work, if I want to truly enjoy my work and for it to be lasting. It must be inspired by love, pleasure and service, which is not only longer lasting but eternally expanding.

I love it!