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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Samadhi - Bliss

I've been in and out of states of bliss. The bliss seems to come when I don't live from ego...basically when I don't give all the thoughts in my head any attention. It occurred to me yesterday that I did not want to listen to the radio or any music. I just wanted to listen to the music that the silence of my heart makes. It was so beautiful. There is a profound song in Silence. It occurred to me that Silence and Love are the same.

It was wonderful to experience not giving rise to any thoughts at all. I used to be terrified of not thinking. I thought that I wouldn't be able to function. But that is the exact opposite of the truth. While I was working for a client, I was not thinking and I was functioning at a higher level. I was totally immersed in Love. I took more time and care in my work. I had kind and loving interactions with my client and his employees. I took better care of my body and my needs. Usually I would rush through my work and not eat to be able to leave as quickly as possible. But in not thinking, I was very clear that I had worked to my limit and it was time for me to eat. It may sound amazingly obvious and simple. But usually, I would have a bit of a war in my head about whether to continue to push through work or eat...or eat at my desk....or...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So, I went to eat. I took my time. I enjoyed my food immensely. I had a wonderful interaction with my waitress. I went back to my client. I went home. All this in bliss, with no thinking happening. There is a Silent, Loving, Intelligence that takes quite good care of us and our actions. It was only my thinking that I was doing it, or taking care of everything that caused me stress and confusion.

There were absolutely no worries in this blissful Love. None. Worry is a thought that is a function of the mind. Worry is not our nature. In Love, I was only aware of clear intent and conviction in action or non-action. I swear I've almost worried my life away. My tendency is to always be in my head replaying or worrying about something. Fuck. How boring. Why continue the torture?

Thoughts did come back. Ego did arise again. There were some thoughts that I began to pay attention to. The bliss went away! lol But my awareness of myself has not gone. And in recognizing this, I am back in bliss. :) There doesn't need to be any judgement about whether I'm thinking or not thinking, or whether I am following the ego or not. And in this recognition, I am back in bliss. :)

I also realized that Simone is a contraction of the mind. Scientists tell us that the Universe blinks on and off...into existence and out of existence. Like this, the mind blinks on and off. It opens and contracts. Simone is just a contraction in the mind with ideas and notions about any and everything. And those ideas and notions create 'Simone's life experience'. Simone is a contraction of the mind that takes everything personally. Ha ha! Oh what a joke. Also, I saw that the experience of bliss was a result of Simone opening out of the contracted mind and resting in Silent, Intelligent Love. And then, I was even more profoundly in bliss. :)

Then, I received an email from a friend entitled, 'The beauty in Silence.' ! I saw opportunities for my life goals that I'd never seen before. Everything was flowing perfectly. All without Simone THINKING or DOING anything but resting in Love.

By resting in Love, it becomes clear that Simone is a temporary hologram, projected out of Love. It's like movie characters being projected on a movie screen. When I go to the movies, my attention is on the movie actors and I get caught up in the movie called 'Simone's life'. But the movie characters aren't real, nor is the movie. It's just a projection that looks and seems real. But whether a movie is being projected or not, the movie projector remains. Love is the projector. :)

OK, enough for now. Peace.

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At May 1, 2008 at 2:37 PM , Blogger Elle said...

I love your writing! I feel more peaceful already. :)

Where's the book??????

Developing my Buddha mind,


At May 2, 2008 at 11:25 AM , Blogger Simone said...

It's good to know my writing inspires peace. Thank you.

The book is on it's way! Stay tuned.


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