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Monday, April 14, 2008


Love loves love. Love overflows in love. Love is eternally loving and expanding out more and more in love. I'm in love with LOVE. I am LOVE. All is LOVE.

I am struck speechless when attempting to describe this love that springs forth in every moment in the delight of itself. It is the Divine Secret as it can't be spoken because to speak it would imply it could be summarized by a thought or a word, and therefore limited...which it is not.

It's such a trip how beautiful, pure and exquisite this love is that penetrates every fiber of existence, and right along with it is the drama of life. What is most difficult to understand is how the negative drama of life that is contained in LOVE, can convince us that we are ugly, sinful, wretched, worthless, shameful creatures who are separate from LOVE.

It is said that when the mind, which is the cause of negative drama, rests in LOVE, then the negative drama transforms into a fulfilling drama. People have called this the 'Buddha mind' or simply, an open mind. A mind that releases all past notions and stances based on the past and remains open to being flooded with the intelligent LOVE that is always present.

Buddha mind, which is a mind that is one with God, which is a mind that is one with LOVE, is what I am most intrigued by now. I'm finding that the more my mind rests in LOVE, the more obvious it is that my mind is creating negative drama. I'm finding that I'm becoming more interested in peace of mind than fearful thinking. I'm finding that Buddha mind heals the past, present and the future. The more places that are healed, the more room there is to experience LOVE.

I love LOVE.



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