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Friday, April 18, 2008

Consciousness and Spirituality

Not too long ago the spiritual teachings of Eckart Tolle and the like were part of an underground spiritual movement that few dared to even consider, much less take to heart and actually live by. I can remember hearing how there would be an awakening of consciousness on this planet that will catch like wildfire. It was said that everyone will have the opportunity to walk in the consciousness of Christ, Buddha, and other great sages and saints. Instead of worshiping great beings who were awake to the truth of themselves and creating a religion around them, humanity would realize that they are the Christ and the Buddha. It was said that humanity would realize we are all one loving consciousness, temporarily appearing as separate forms. And now, here we are!
The powerhouse we know as Oprah has taken alternative spirituality to the mainstream. What used to be realizations and insights that I held privately in my heart are now words being spoken back to me from the mainstream and even my father telling me that he's reading 'A New Earth'. God is amazing. God. Consciousness. Love. Emptiness. Me. You. However we want to describe this undeniable, present force that pervades every fiber of all that exists, in an out of time, it doesn't matter. What matters is that it IS. It exists. It is real. And, it is good! The most gratifying part of waking up has been to realize that this being that I am, always have been and always will be, is indescribably wonderful, beautiful and miraculous. I remember talking with my former spiritual mentor who through our conversation, helped me to experience that I was LOVE itself. For just one moment, out of time, I experienced the vast goodness of myself. It was so beautiful, I put my head in her lap and cried like a baby. It was like nothing I'd ever seen. I've yet to see anything as beautiful anywhere in this world.
And now, more and more people all over the world are being given the opportunity to experience this LOVE in and as themselves. I pray all beings everywhere wake up to this LOVE. We live in crazy times on a very sick planet. We are killing ourselves and each other. We hate ourselves and each other. We abuse ourselves and each other. We have been physically and mentally enslaved. And even though there are no shackles on our hands and feet, we still enslave ourselves with limited and fearful thinking. We have had genocide committed against us. And there is still genocide happening in this world but we aren't really doing anything about it. We have been locked up in concentration camps. And even though we may not physically be in a concentration camp, we lock still lock away and try to kill parts of ourselves that have been deemed ugly and unholy. We have desecrated our bodies and we have desecrated the Earth. Our minds and our bodies are the culmination of thousands of generations of being violated and violating. But LOVE is bigger and stronger than a trillion years of violation. LOVE is the answer, simply because LOVE is all there truly is.
It seems that all we can do is have our life be the answer to the problems we see in the world. As we live our life in LOVE then that is the answer to everything because everything is in us. I don't mean this in a metaphoric, hocus pocus, abstract way. I mean this is a very straight-forward, real way. The problem and the answer lies in each of each of us. I pray we choose to be the answer.

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