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Thursday, June 7, 2007

The River and The Rocks

I was walking in the park today. I came upon a beautiful creek. As I stopped to get a closer look at the water, I was drawn by the sweetness of the water flowing gently over and past the rocks in its path. I breathed in the peaceful sounds of the creek, the wind and the birds joyfully making music together. It was heaven. I experienced a moment of heaven on earth. I was so honored because I had the sense that I had been welcomed by the creek to witness its sacredness. I wept in joy and gratitude. I saw the reality of the 'spirit' of the elements. I saw the exquisitely precious spirit of the flowing water of the creek. The great Native Americans spoke of the spirit of things. I have a better understanding of this now. Nature is alive with spirit just as I am. It deserves honor, loving care and respect, just as all living beings do. Aho!*

I thanked the creek and continued on my walk. Towards the end of my walk, I went back to the creek. Despite my concerns that people might think I was crazy, I sat down at the edge of the creek, closed my eyes and meditated. As I opened my eyes, I looked at the clear water effortlessly flowing through the rocks. Then, I received its teaching...

The water effortlessly flows downstream regardless of rocks in its path. The water does not stop and yell at the rock to get out of its way. The water does not stop and complain that a rock is there. It takes the path of least resistance and keeps it moving. There is no problem with a rock being in its path. It actually creates beautiful, peaceful, healing sounds when the water meets the rocks. Their meeting creates art.

I'm realizing now that the water's effortless flow downstream and path of least resistance is led by the living spirit of the water and the living spirit in all things.

*Aho is a word of confirmation in the Native American culture. It's similar to the African-American saying, 'Word!'

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At June 20, 2007 at 9:55 PM , Blogger Michele Zzah said...

I like how you wrote "...keeps it moving" hahahahhaha yup no hesitation, just staying fluid... lover-ly ♥


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