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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Belief Busting

Belief Busting is a process I use to bust beliefs that are not working for me and then replacing that belief with one that is in line with my Spirit.

While I am feeling bad or I am feeling what some people call negative emotions, I'll see what beliefs I have that are making me feel that way. When I find it, I acknowledge that it is clearly not serving me because it's making me feel bad. Usually, I then replace it with a belief that feels better!!

An example:
I was feeling really sad and then feeling enraged and I discovered that I had the belief that "I deserved to be punished and to suffer for being myself!" Then, I started to laugh hysterically because I saw the absurdity of it! Then, I replaced that belief with it's opposite, I affirmed, "I deserve to be celebrated and to feel really good about being myself!" What a difference and what a shift! That same night, I talked to a good friend, who basically affirmed my new affirmation! In our conversation, he reflected back to me the shift that had taken place!
Another example:
I begin to doubt myself about starting my blog and my talk radio show. I was believing, "I think too highly of myself, it's not okay to want to be successful and there is something wrong with thinking this way." I realized that I took on the beliefs of other peoples opinions and judgments which have nothing to do with me! I had a good laugh about that as well. Then I replaced those beliefs with the affirmation "I think highly of myself and that's okay!!!" That felt soooo much better. A few seconds later, I got two comments from people saying how much they enjoyed by blog. So amazing! Life is so amazing and so good and it truly is a perfect reflection what you believe! The Law of Attraction is real.

Happy Belief Busting!



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